Spade & Plow runs a unique year-round CSA program. Our CSA boxes are customizable, with complimentary home delivery and multiple pick up locations throughout Santa Clara County. We feature certified organic seasonal produce from our farm and other local growers, as well as fresh bread, pasture raised eggs, and coffee add-ons. Spade & Plow strives to create a high value and accessible organic local food program for all of the South Bay.

Select your own delivery location or pick up location! We offer complimentary home delivery as well as multiple pick up locations. Choose a small, standard, or large share, with the option to add-on bread, eggs, and coffee.

Spade & Plow sets a standard box each week, depending on the season, the quality and quantity on hand, and the most recently harvested. We send an email out 2 days before your delivery day with your box’s contents, as well a third-party link to our web store where you can log in and customize your box. Members have until noon the day before delivery day to make any changes to the box.

We drop your box off at the selected delivery location. You open, savor, and enjoy! Check our website for recipes, storage tips, and everything you need to know about how your produce was grown and harvested.

Give us feedback! We are always looking to improve how we grow, package, and deliver your food. Share your stories & recipes with us, too! YOU put the “community” in Community Supported Agriculture.

Empty, fold and leave your box at your pick up or delivery location. We prefer to reuse and reduce waste whenever possible. Most boxes can be reused up to 10 times!

Is your produce organic?

Yes! We strongly believe in certified organic, and all of the produce in our boxes is certified organic by CCOF, one of the oldest and most trusted governing bodies of organic practices. We also practice strict crop rotation, pest control through high diversity, and water conservation through drip irrigation and dry farming practices. Please reach out to us if you have any specific questions about our growing practices.

What is the difference between Week A and Week B delivery options?

We offer every bi-weekly delivery options for those that don’t need produce every week. Bi-weekly A and Bi-weekly B options represent the alternating weeks of delivery so you can choose which week works best for your schedule.

How do I customize my box?

We offer customizable boxes to meet your families needs. We’ll send out an email 2 days before your delivery day with your box contents and a link where you can log in and customize your box.

How often do you deliver?

We offer either weekly deliveries or every other week deliveries. We deliver Tuesday through Friday, with delivery day depending on location.

How do I pay?

You can set up auto-recurring payments with either Paypal or Credit Card. We will charge your account the day after your delivery. No long term commitments or upfront payments required!

Do you want your CSA Boxes back?

Yes! We love to reuse the CSA boxes whenever possible. Please leave the CSA Boxes empty and flat at your select delivery or pick-up site, and we will collect them the following week.

What if something wasn’t what I was expecting?

We guarantee all of our produce 100% and we rely on on your feedback whenever possible to provide better and more consistent quality. Please let us know if something you receive was not what you expected, and we will make accommodations accordingly.

Do I have to be home to receive my box?

No. We typically drop boxes off at your front door and leave your box in a shady area out of view of the street whenever possible. If you have a special location, door or gate code, or any special delivery instructions please let us know. We can even unload your box contents into a cooler if you don’t have a shady location for delivery.

Can I put my box deliveries on hold?

Yes. You can log into your account through the log in tab and add up to 3 vacation holds at a time to your account. You can reach out to our office at any time to add a vacation hold by email howdy(at)spadeandplow.com or by phone (408)-634-6304.

What if I need to change my delivery location or delivery frequency?

Please reach out to our office if you need to change your delivery location or frequency. You can reach our office by email at Howdy(at)spadeandplow.com or by phone at 408-634-6304.

Putting your box on hold or cancelling

If you need to put your box on hold or cancel your service you must let us know no later than noon the day before your delivery. If you let us know any later you will be charged for your next delivery.


You are responsible for providing valid payment for any delivered box .

Missed Pick Ups

When members pick up at a pick up location all members are responsible to pick up their box with in the pick up time window. If a member does not pick up their box with out proper notice (see: ‘Putting you box on hold or cancelling’) they will be responsible to pay for their box that week. Often times, boxes that are not picked up are donated to local community organizations.

Making Changes to your order

All changes to box contents through our web store or our office must be made by noon the day before your delivery.

Changing your delivery or pick up location

Since planning out delivery routes can be very complicated, please let us know if you will changing your delivery location or pick up location as soon as possible. We require delivery changes to be made by end of day Monday the week of your delivery.

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