Orange You Glad?

Oranges have trickled their way into your CSA boxes this week! Orange you glad?! Sorry, we had to… #badgoodpuns

Citrus can be a tricky thing to grow in the Santa Clara Valley, with a more temperate climate than in southern parts of the state.  We’ve partnered with Twin Girls Farms in Fresno, CA to provide the sweet, juicy, citrus that defines the winter season.  And they do it right!

Nacho Sanchez and his wife Casamira started growing fruit in the Fresno/Tulare County areas around 1989 and in a matter of just a few years grew to become a 150 acre operation. Over time, their business has expanded to 616 acres over 14 different plots of land. Their namesake derives from their twin girls, born in 1991, just as the company was starting to take off.

This family takes pride in the fact that their workers can pick fruit and their customers can eat fruit without having to worry about pesticide residues. Remember, to physically acquire a USDA Organic certification takes a lot of time and money to obtain, and just because a farm isn’t “Certified Organic” doesn’t mean that they don’t grow organically.

Twin Girls Farms not only grows citrus, but a variety of stone fruit, persimmons, pomegranates, and other tree-born varieties. We’re glad to be partnering with this family farm, and hope you taste the difference!

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