Not-So-Sloppy Seconds

Attention CSA members! We mentioned the addition of a BULK CSA share a few weeks back. Well, it’s still alive and thriving, but we’d like to let you know of ANOTHER new addition to the web store: B Grades and Seconds!

We all want A grade, right? That perfectly round tomato? Those broad leafy greens? Beets and potatoes without any nicks or scratches? Lemons that aren’t the size of your thumb? Well, if it’s all going to get chopped up and chewed up anyway, is it necessarily worth it?

Often times, nature has a slightly less symmetrical plan for what’s growing in the ground, without compromising flavor at all! Those perfectly round, perfectly stacked tomatoes at the grocery store got there because the higher-ups look for a certain standard when produce comes through the door. The closer everything is in size to each other and the shinier or rounder it is, the easier it’s going to stack, the better and more easily it is going to display, and the more of it the store is going to sell. Marketing is a tricky thing– even in the produce world!

Our hope in providing these “seconds” is that you buy a larger quantity of one item, but at a reduced cost. If you are a juicer, a meal-prepper, pie-maker, canner, or someone that is open to having your beets and apples be a different size or shape, then this is a great option! It also helps on cutting waste–you’d be contributing to the overall sustainability of the farm!

With winter in full swing, and less coming out of the fields, expect to find more B Grade options as we head into spring and summer.

Check out the options when you next sign in to the Webstore!


Thanks for your support,

The Spade & Plow Crew

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