About Us

About Us

With expertise that runs seven generations deep, Spade & Plow brings the best of the industry to their farm, their operations, and their CSA program. Farming is in our blood. Our passion and know-how for good food, paired with our hard-working and agile crew make us the ultimate power team! We hope it shows.

Established in 2014, Spade & Plow Organics is a 40 acre family-run farm in San Martin, CA. We farm using only organic methods, and focus on providing the community with the highest-quality produce possible.

Our passions lie in maintaining optimal soil health and growing a diversity of crops to ensure Santa Clara County is well-fed with produce that tastes great. We are eager to introduce new varieties of produce to our consumers, introducing them to new flavors and an opportunity to make making meals more fun!

Spade & Plow was created because of a collective passion to keep farming traditions alive in Santa Clara County, and to make beautiful, organic produce more accessible to the greater South Bay community.

We strives to push the envelope through experimenting with new varieties of crops, and keeping up to date with the newest food trends. We are excited about the constantly-changing landscape of the food scene, from farm to table, soil to spoon. Serving as a bridge to help connect small businesses, restaurants, and individuals through farming and good food… well, that’s the sauce.


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Nick Thorp is co-owner of Spade & Plow Organics and has been involved in farming since he was a kid, keeping his dad company on early morning, hot-chocolate-fueled trips to his family’s farm.  He has a degree in Agricultural Management from Cal Poly in San Luis Obisbo, and has served as Inventory Manager for Capay Organics, a large-scale CSA-focused farm outside of Sacramento, CA. Nick has also worked for various fruit companies as a Receiving & Distribution Manager and Mechanical Technician. Clearly, he’s got a knack for fixing things. Nick is Spade & Plow’s go-to for vehicle and machine maintenance, and keeps our post-harvest operations smooth and efficient!

Sam Thorp is co-owner of Spade & Plow Organics, whose farming journey began when he was a kid, sleeping in the back seat on the way to his family’s farm,  while his hot chocolate got cold. He has a degree in Business Management from San Jose State University, and has served in a variety of farm, restaurant, and wholesale settings. Sam has worked closely with Whole Foods Market, as both a Produce Buyer and as the Chief Wholesale Manager for JBG Organic, a large supplier for the Whole Foods Market Global Headquarters in Austin, TX. Sam is constantly pushing the Spade & Plow Crew to think outside the box, strive for excellence, and brings a sense of calm to the team when things get a little shaky.

Martin Bernal is part of our CSA Crew and a native to the Santa Clara Valley. He has a strong connection to local Morgan Hill and Gilroy businesses, and is passionate about creating long-lasting food partnerships within Santa Clara County. Martin has a background in Organics that ranges from livestock to dairy to vegetables, and serves as a jack-of-all-trades here at Spade & Plow. When he isn’t on the farm, you can find Martin scoping all of the South Bay Farmer’s Markets.



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Chromatic Coffee supports local business & artists through coffee and community in the South Bay. Their award winning beans are roasted in San Jose, CA, and they work closely with families based in El Salvador and Kenya to source their beans sustainably. Chromatic takes pour overs seriously, and pours their heart into community events from their two storefronts and throughout Downtown San Jose. We love the energy that they bring to their work, and it’s definitely more than just caffeine! Chromatic’s bags of whole bean coffee are offered as an add-on option to your CSA boxes. Stop by their Santa Clara location on the weekends for a stellar brunch, featuring produce from yours truly. “Chromatic,” the ultimate buzzword!

Pasture Chick Ranch is located on the outskirts of Hollister and specializes in raising organic pasture-raised chickens that graze on over 100 acres of grassy land. In addition to grazing on natural pastures, Lisa Knutson’s birds are fed an organic feed, traced to ensure non-GMO ingredients are used. Lisa jokes that fresh air, bugs, and sunshine are the only ingredients added to the chickens’ diet. Pasture Chick doesn’t give in quality to profit, and every animal under her watch is shown respect and care. It shows through each dozen. Lisa continues to celebrate generations of farmers by sharing her experiences with others and keeping true to the tradition of real organic, sustainable farming. These are values Spade & Plow stands behind as well. We are honored to feature Pasture Chick’s eggs as an add-on option to our CSA boxes.

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