A New Neighboring Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a recent partnership with Frantoio Grove, an Certified Organic Olive Oil Company right here in San Martin!

Groves of olives against a backdrop of Santa Clara County hills.

Frantoio Grove’s owner, Jeff Martin, planted olive trees on 30 acres of land in 2005, and began production a handful of years ago. The variety grown is the same as the farm’s namesake, Frantoio (Fran-toy-o), and is incredibly unique! You’d be pressed to find this Tuscan variety in large-scale olive operations, notably due to its grassiness and peppery flavor. Though pungent in flavor, it is still wonderfully rich and buttery. The coolest combo!

Frantoio Grove is one of few CCOF Certified Organic olive farms in California. They obtained their certification this past year, though they’ve been growing and producing organically since the beginning. Spade & Plow’s Organic Certification is also through CCOF, and pridefully so! CCOF is the oldest, most credible organic certifier in the nation, and helped to develop USDA’s guidelines and standards when the governing body was first created.

Jeff is proud to have an olive mill on site, aiding in the speed at which the oil is bottled. Unlike wine, olive oil doesn’t necessarily get better with age. It is meant to be used as quickly as possible from the time olives are harvested. Frantoio Grove’s olives are all harvested by hand, and are immediately delivered by tractor to the mill for processing. Obtaining a mill was important to Jeff in preserving flavor and freshness in his olive oil. If the olives were sent to an off-site mill, the chances of them sitting for a couple days before processing would be quite high. Buying Frantoio Grove, means buying the best olive oil in Santa Clara County, and arguably the best olive oil in the state.

We are pleased to offer Frantoio Grove olive oil in our webstore as an add-on option to your CSA share.

What’s that? Oh, your salad is calling…



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